Advanced Venous Center

About Us

With over 20 years of premier vascular experience, our vascular surgeons and staff are dedicated to quality patient outcomes. Advanced Venous Center was founded with the idea that no one should have to suffer with chronic venous disease, and that treatment should be safe, effective, and minimally invasive for a quick recovery.

Our staff knows what it is like to deal with the constant discomfort of venous disease, and a few have experienced it first hand. Others have family and close friends they have watched struggle through the years. We strive to thoroughly treat your condition and get you back to a more active, comfortable, and embarrassment-free lifestyle.

Mission Statement

The mission of Advanced Venous Center is to improve our patients health and well-being by providing exceptional, state of the art vein care, and enhancement of self-image.


Our surgeons decided to open their own venous center as an extension of their successful 25 year old vascular surgery practice. They were frustrated that people with significant venous disease only had painful surgery with long recovery times, or uncomfortable compression hose as options to treat their symptoms. In 2007 they decided to open a venous center dedicated to giving their patients more convenient, comfortable options, and in 2007 began using the latest treatments available.

Our Team

There is no one more qualified to work on your veins than an experienced vascular staff who deals with venous issues on a daily basis. Our surgeons and nurses understand the embarrassment, discomfort, pain and limited lifestyles people with varicose/spider veins can experience. We are excited to be able to treat these veins with the latest treatments available in a minimally invasive way to get you back to your normal activities in no time.

John S. Munn, M.D., FACS
Mark C. Rummel, M.D., FACS
Daniel J. Johnston, M.D.
Susan Bauman, M.S.N., N.P.
Sandy Shubnell, R.N., Sclerotherapist
Syed Alam, M.D.